Why I haven’t been posting

This post will contain no pictures and probably very few witty comments.

This week has been one of those weeks that you want to forget. Vandy won on Monday, that’s about the best thing that has happened.

On Monday I found out something very tragic, I won’t go into details, but a good person left this planet Sunday night and the details surrounding his death are horrifying. He was a good man, with a giant heart. This has hit me very hard. We weren’t close. We were friends in college, classmates. He emailed me three short weeks ago to connect me to a good friend of his that had moved out here to Denver. She said to me when I found out about him “I think he wanted us to get together for a reason.”

I had dinner with her on Tuesday. Kindred spirits. Hilarious. Like’s Thai food, beer, and baseball. I saw a rainbow on the way home. I smiled.

I’ve been very angry this week. Work and this tragedy colliding in a ball of nuclear anger and resentment. Shaking to keep from screaming. Tears. Lots of tears.

With that said, there are good things happening. I hope I can reveal them here soon. Vandy hits up the super regionals on Saturday.

I’ve stayed on my calorie budget and only missed working out on Tuesday, I’ll make up for it on Saturday.

I’m mentally and physically exhausted. But I’m thankful for all the support and smiles I’ve gotten this week.


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