I want a professional!

When I was 5, and my first tooth was about to come out, I freaked out when Mom and Dad tried to pull it out and screamed “I WANT A PROFESSIONAL!” My mother has teased me with that statement every sense and, frankly, it still holds true.

So when I found out from Nicole Toledo at Nordstrom Park Meadows during my concealer quest that the Beauty Trend Show was coming I signed up immediately. I called my amazing sister-in-law Vanessa and told her about it. She was totally in too. So on Saturday we Trend Showed it UP!

Here’s what a trend show is: “Industry insiders reveal the latest trends, tricks, and tips. Get a consultation full of DIY tips, plus score an exclusive Nordstrom tote bag…” That tote bag is UBER CUTE by the way, and was FILLED with goodies.

Vani and I arrived to discover scrumptious scones and hot coffee, which was great because it was 8 am (I am not a morning person). We were let in and found a full-on runway. Neither of us had ever been to a runway show and got super excited. Nordy’s nicely posted a video on their website so you can see what it was like (I didn’t see this before the show btw).

It was awesome. We got some great beauty tips and took notes of where we wanted to visit. The show ended at 10 a.m. and we had two hours to kill until our appointments for our makeovers. We went around to all the beauty counters and stocked up on freebies.

Dior put fancy spray on makeup on me, that I loved, then I found out it was $62. I didn’t love it so much after that. We did fall in love with the Clarisonic though. They washed our faces before our makeup appointments and now I want one. It felt soooooooo goooooooood.

Then it was time. It was time to meet JEFFREY TASKER! Jeffrey Tasker is one of the makeup artists for Laura Mercier. I love him. He was the makeup artist on Project Runway All-Stars. He’s fabulous. He basically invented tight-lining your eyes and I wanted him to teach me. I asked at the counter if he would be doing my makeup and they said “he’s floating around to everyone.” Boo, I thought. So when I checked in for my appointment there he was. I expressed my adoration for him and how I wanted to learn to tight-line from the master. He personally walked me over to my makeup artist and said to her, “You do her face, then come get me and and I’ll do her eyes.” UH WHAT?! Huge smile.

I instantly fell in love with the Laura Mercier products. The orange/yellow corrector transformed my undereyes (of course I bought it and I’m going back for the concealer). The tinted moisturizer brightened and perfected my skin better than my NARS tinted moisturizer (sorry NARS).

jeffreytaskerfabulousThen Jeffrey Tasker came over and I was kinda starstruck. He pulled out a ton of different Caviar Eye Sticks and said to me “which ones are you drawn to.” I instantly pointed to the blue one and said “that one scares me.” To which he smiled and said, I’m going to show you how to make that look fabulous on you,” and thats exactly what he did. He showed me my daytime look with a few amazing caviar sticks (the Amethyst is still calling my name). Tightlined my eyes (more on this in a second) and then showed me how to put that blue on my eyes and WOW did they pop. Oh I almost forgot, he spent soooo much time on my eyebrows and said “I spend the most time on eyebrows, they are the most important.” I felt beautiful and that’s the most important.

So tightlining! I’ve spent the last three days trying it myself and I think I’ve got it. Jeffrey Tasker said  “the trick is, look in the mirror and open your eyes reallllly wide and say ‘I’m fabulous’ and as you open your eyes stick the brush up there.” He’s right. It works. My lashes look full without looking lined. Perfect for daytime.

Here’s our before and afters (both selfies) I was at Laura Mercier and Vani was with the fabulous Kevianno at NARS. I can’t say enough how wonderful Vani’s skin looked. It was GLOWING!

Before Makeovers IMG_2065

Ok so not the most attractive pictures we’ve ever taken, but damn it, my good camera wasn’t charged and the Iphone had to do!

Here’s a couple of other awkward shots I took of my eyes.

IMG_2057 IMG_2058

The hubs said “wow” when I took off my sunglasses, I call that a good day.

My forehead looks HUGE. Stupid selfie.

My forehead looks HUGE. Stupid selfie.

Since the show I’ve been sporting tinted moisturizer, wheat eye basic (sample), tightlined eyes, perfectly covered dark circles (well, they will be when I get that concealer), mascara, brows, lip balm and a bit of blush. I feel pretty without having a ton of makeup on. Like the best version of me, which is wonderful.

Moral of the story… go to a trendshow! Quick, click this link and find one near you!


Vani and I will be going again in the Fall!

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