Favorite Pins Friday | May 10, 2013

I felt very in need of inspiration this week and a good laugh. It just seemed like a tough week for everyone for some reason.

I started a new board entitled “Country Summer” because Mike wants to live a more relaxed summer, like I was used to when I lived in Nashville. Speaking of Nashville! Happy Graduation Day to the Vanderbilt Class of 2013! Go Dores!!

This weeks pin count:
6,757 Pins
57 Boards (I added “Country Summer“)


I love this dress. Natalie Morales wore it on the Today Show this week (I love the Today Show and have watched it every week day since I was 16.) She tweeted out where she got it and I quickly found it to pin.


I love e.e. cummings. We had a poem of his read at our wedding. This quote really spoke to me this week as I try to figure out who I am.

beautifulmess app

I love abeautifulmess.com and I’m super excited they are coming out with their own photo app in the coming days. I’m due for a new iphone and I’m pretty excited by the iphone 5 camera. This app will be a must get!


The wonderful Michael Wurm, Jr. of inspiredbycharm.com pinned this the other day. I want this everywhere. I want pillows, I want a sign on the wall next to my makeup table, I want this everywhere. Hell, this would be a great small tattoo.

fluffyI love corgis. I had a corgi, Kirby, growing up. Kirby was a fluffy corgi too and she was the best! So next time I’m feeling “fluffy” I’m going to look at this and say, “bitch, I’m fabulous.” If you love corgi’s too you should check out the Daily Corgi and on twitter @thedailycorgi.

One more pin! I almost forgot! We’re making this cake this weekend. Oreo pudding poke-cake! Our friend Ryan just got home from a tour in Turkey (he’s in the Army). After two tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, and this last one in Turkey, ¬†we’re happy he’ll be state-side for a while. I’ll make sure to post about how this cake turned out next Friday!

Happy Friday!

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  • Brennan McDavid
    May 10, 2013

    Aw, I looove that poem! And hot damn! you’re famous on pinterest! (I’m still not on it.)