30 weekdays ’til I’m 30 starts today!

It starts today, my challenge to myself. So far it hasn’t been a good day. Nothing to do with the challenge, just with life.

No matter how hard today was I was determined to start my challenge. This 30 weekdays ’til I’m 30  only happens once (unless you’re my Grandpa, who turned 29 around 50 times.)

Oh if you see {#} on this post and all 30til30 posts it is the corresponding goal number. I even made a fancy chart on the sidebar!

IMG_0007Let’s start at the beginning. {1} Last month I found my darn near perfect makeup, but I’m still futzing around with it. I need to get my hair and makeup ie get ready time down. So this morning I set my stop watch on my iphone and got to work… Fail.

But I think I can get quicker. The true goal should be hair and makeup in 15. Sounds like a braid for me every day. Still working on it.

{6} Ok I managed to drink my coffee this morning without splenda….and I liked it! I did realize that I need to get new vitamins. I have gummy vitamins and I love them, but they are all sugar. I did have a chocolate chip cookie at home, but that was made with splenda and was mostly dark chocolate and flax flour. Yum. I’ll get there. {5} I did stay under 1400 calories, by a long shot. Mike made the most delicious green goddess dressing for dinner, although, I’m still feeling the garlic. Over on fiber, yay! Over on sugar, boo! (I use myfitnesspal.com btw and I love it!)


5.29 Calories


Well I did it. {7&8} Day 1 of 30 Day Shred down and damn, does that hurt. It goes quickly and you get tired quickly. You also get really sore quickly. I can do this!!! Jillian Michaels is evil but I was staring at before and after pictures on pinterest today and it was very motivating. I took before pictures, but you better believe I’m not posting pudgy fryxie until non-pudgy.

Online Life
IMG_0008{9} Blog about progress: check! {10} Instagram: check! I like to drink water with our fresh mint and whatever citrus we have. We were out of lemons so I used oranges and limes. It was extra delicious (and pretty). I used pictapgo and A beautiful mess to edit my photo. I usually use a combo of these daily. Follow me on instagram!

{11/12/13} I’m not going to post about this but just know that I’m doing things.

{14} I did watch TV today. But MasterChef was on! That’s no excuse, I know. I did finish Inferno by Dan Brown last week and I highly recommend it, much better than The Lost Symbol. {15} Shout out to Brennan, Rebekah, and Teri for helping me with sugar reduction tips AND motivating me to tackle my 30 day shred day 1.

{16/17} Mike and I got into it today about money. Duh, that’s what all couples/newlyweds fight about. It wasn’t a fight, it was a difference of opinions. But that led to goal 17, watching the wallet. We changed our budget tracking from Home Budget to Mint.com. You could only update Home Budget at home, same wifi. With Mint we can update anywhere and add cash transactions at point-of-sale and it is super smart and imports our credit card transactions. Mike was spending so much time categorizing everything by hand and I wanted him to feel a little freer and still in control. Yay! Go Mint.com! Which is also appropriate because mint is the only thing we can grow with our mutual black-thumbs.

Day 1 of 30 down! Now it is time to sleep, a goal I don’t need help with–I’m really good at sleep.

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  • Brennan
    May 30, 2013

    Proud of you! That 30 day shred thing is NO JOKE. I have done a couple
    of the workouts, and I remember the huffing and puffing. Results will
    come fast, though! Especially with all the other changes you are making.
    So exciting!